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Penny Fade Complete Skateboard Review

Penny Fade Complete Skateboard Review Carleigh

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Penny Fade Complete Skateboard

Do you want to the best skateboard that will offer you the best skating experience? The Penny Fade Complete Skateboard is a world-class skateboard that will definitely impress you as it comes with high-quality features that greatly boost its performances. Some of its great features include the long decks that make it very easy to move with the skateboard.

It also features the penny wheels that are suitable for any terrain and, therefore, the skateboard is recommended for a wide range of skating styles. It also has a penny truck that is made from solid construction.

This will guarantee you a long term service as you continue enjoying unlimited services with the skateboard. They also come in different colors ranging from black, white, red, yellow and even blue among others.

With the elegant and perfect design, the skateboard will always amaze you. I have included on my Penny Fade Complete Skateboard review that the design and size also make it perfect for different skaters like the vert, street/technical, all-around and longboard skating styles.

It is, therefore, a world-class skateboard that you will definitely love. Besides being perfect for all styles of skaters, the skateboard is also perfect for the three levels of skaters that include the beginners, intermediate and expert skaters.

Penny Fade Complete Skateboard Review

Whom is the Product Designed For?

  • Skating lovers
  • Canteen operators
  • Housewives

Feature of Penny Fade Complete Skateboard

High-quality material

Penny Fade Complete SkateboardThe skateboard is made up of high-quality materials that form the truck and the decks. It will, therefore, offer you not only quality experience, but also a long-term service since it is highly durable.

This, therefore, makes the Penny Fade Complete Skateboard an excellent solution to all your skating problems. It also has a solid construction that ensures that resists wear and tear. The solid construction trucks to ensure that it can always carry skaters of different weight and heights.

Elegant design and light weight

The Penny Fade Complete Skateboard review is relatively light- weighted hence you will always find it portable to any place you wish to skate. This makes it an excellent choice for both young and old as you will not feel fatigue in carrying the skateboard to any place you would wish to go skating. It also has an elegant design that makes it one of the world’s best skateboards.

The skateboard is small in size, a factor that makes it elementary to use it at any given point. It is, therefore, suitable for even young kids going to school to enjoy a great ride. The small size also makes it easier to keep in the kid’s lockers.
This is the ultimate skateboard you can always get for your kid who is schooling just some meters away from home.

59 mm Penny wheels

Penny Fade Complete SkateboardThe wheels of this classic skateboard are one to be admired and stand out the rest in the market. They are very grippe and will therefore, ensure that the board moves relatively at higher speeds without you losing the control.
The wheels are soft and ideal for sucking any kind of sidewalk cracks. By so doing, it offers a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain. The wheels are also quite large in size as they measure 59 mm and therefore, creates stability.

An extended deck

The Penny Fade Complete Skateboard also features an extended deck of about 22 inches. This is one of its great features that makes it very user-friendly besides ensuring a top-notch performance. This will, therefore, ensure a great ride with the skateboard on different terrain and you will always find it very excellent. It is a world-class skateboard that will guarantee you good performance.

Penny trucks

Penny-Fade-Complete-Skateboard-04The Penny Fade Complete Skateboard review also features very smart and strong trucks that measure about 3.125 inches. The trucks are very strong and will stand any pressure.
This therefore makes it the best choice for any skater who wants to get an experience that is second to none.

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The Pros

* Lightweight and easily portable
* Very strong and large wheels
* Suitable for all skating styles
* Kick tail for extra support
* Solid construction
* Different colors


The Cons
* One with bad wheel bearings
* Fake product hence

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Q: What is the difference between the two Penny skateboards that is the Penny fade and Penny graphic?
A: There is no big difference between the two types of skateboards if not only the color.

Q: Is the standard size one of 22 inches?
A: There are two standard sizes of this type of skateboard. The size is 22 inches in the smaller size as there is one of the 27 inches. The 22 inches is the most preferred to the 27 inches because of the advantages it has over the large one as it is compact.

Q: It the penny fades a genuine or fake skateboard?
A: This is a very genuine skateboard that will offer you the services as it is advertised. Since it is available on Amazon, it has proved of how legit it is.

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Important Topics:

These are some of the umpteen questions you need to get answered before you make up your mind to buy this modish skateboard. It is one of the best in the market today that you don’t want to miss.

Final Word

The Penny Fade Complete Skateboard features a kicktail, which is responsible for ensuring additional support. The solid construction of the skateboard is another unique feature that makes it the best skateboard on the market today.
In making your selection, based on color, you will always find a wide range of colors that you can always select from depending on your taste. Some of the common colors include; yellow, black, red and white among others.

Despite being small in size, it can always support different weights. This makes it one of the best selections you can always go for in case you are a vert, all-around and any other type of skater. Get the Penny Fade Complete Skateboard today and you will definitely love. The skateboard is available online at pocket-friendly price and it is the best choice to order today.

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