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POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards Review

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards Review Carleigh

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POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

Are you seeking to replace your skateboard or to buy a new one? Do you want a quality board that will serve you for a long period of time without you going back to the market soon? POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards is the ultimate board so far.

This is one of the best skateboards that will give you the best skating experience. It includes the Rodney Jones, Sandro Dias and Andy Macdonald. This, therefore, implies that it is a unique skateboard, suitable for different styles of skating.

It is also recommended for both beginners and advanced riders. It also includes, mini-logo bearing and trucks that guarantees high quality and long term services.

Apart from these, the elegant skateboard has a colorful printed bottom that makes it look fantastic. The wheels are quite larger and therefore, provide full body control. The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards review also has a kick tail that is meant for additional control. Its proprietary airLam is made of multiples woods that are piled together using waterproof glue.

This therefore means that the skateboard is suitable for the vert skating as it cannot be affected by water. This is, therefore, the best skateboard that will guarantee you excellent services.

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards Review

Who Should Buy this Kind of Skateboard?

The skateboard is meant for all types of skaters that is:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced skaters
  • Mini logo trucks

Feature of POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards :

POSITIV Team Complete SkateboardsThe POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard is one of the top rated skateboards with high quality mini logo trucks. The mini Logo trucks implies that it requires no break in, but still offers a smooth turn and grind right out of its package. It also ensures a MID riding experience with the ultimate performance that will really impress you. The other advantage is that it has a light weight baseplate and hanger.

The mini logo trucks contain URETHANE bushings that are ultra-high rebound. This gives a chance for precise and smooth control and as a result, ensures that you can regulate and take control of the activity.

Solid construction:

The board has a solid construction and a perfect style that makes it suitable for different people irrespective of their height and weight. The material used in the construction is resistant to wear and therefore, this one shows that the equipment will serve you for a long time.

The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards is also resistant to rust making it suitable to use under any climatic condition. Despite being solid, it is relatively light in weight, a factor that makes it portable. This means that you can always carry it to any place of your choice.

Grippy wheels:

 POSITIV Team Complete SkateboardsThe wheels will always guarantee you a very safe ride even under rough terrains. This is because they are large in size and therefore, you cannot easily slip off the board. This gives you a better body control even when under higher speeds.

They also ensure great grip and roll since they are grippy. This, therefore, ensures that you can move easily on slippery services. They are also bolted perfectly.


Full color graphics:

The color graphics that appear on the backlight of this fantastic skateboard makes it look more appealing to the eye. The prints make it the ultimate board that will always make you proud whenever you go and whenever you intend to use it. The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards comprises of Rodney Jones, Sandro Dias and Andy Macdonald.

This, therefore, implies that it is a unique skateboard, suitable for different styles of skating. The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard also has a kick tail, one of its great features that is responsible for ensuring an extra regulation. Through this, you are guaranteed a secure and safe ride as you do not expect to fall off the skateboard.

The mini logo bearings:

POSITIV Team Complete SkateboardsThe POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards has got the best mini logo bearings. This is another high quality feature of the skateboard that makes it very unique. It greatly contributes to its efficiency, therefore, ensuring a high level of performance.

The mini Logo bearings are produced by the leading manufactures and the industry. They are quality control that is closely monitored in order to ensure that they give you a higher performance and consistency. They are therefore undoubtedly fantastic as you can re-service them completely and enhance long life which translates to longer service.

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The Pros

* Best mini logo truck and bearings·
* Soft and large in size wheels.
* Elegant backlighting color graphics.
* Complete skateboard that requires no assembling.
* Strong and powerful.

The Cons
* It may at times have a poor bearing, but in very rare cases.
* Mini logo trucks can be pretty whack at times.

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POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards Review FAQ

There are various questions to be answered before you decide to buy the POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard. These questions will make your purchase the skateboard of great value. some of these questions include;

Q: Is the board appropriate for use by adults?
A: Yes, it is because the size is suitable for both adults and kids.

Q: Is the skateboard shipped between 1-3 months?
A: Yes, it is shipped as soon as possible and irrespective of the distance, it shall be delivered within the scheduled time period.

Q: What is the size of the skateboard?
A: The board measures about 31.75 by 7.75 inches

Q: Is it suitable for children within 6-13 years?
A: Yes, it is the best skateboard for such kids.


The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards are also larger in size and this allows the user to gain more control of the body even under higher speeds. The 2012 spring digital series complete skateboard is one of the best skateboards from the POSITIV.

The trucks of the skateboard are made from the ultimate material that ensures a lifetime service. It is decorated in different colors that are blue and black to make it more eye-catching and appealing.

With these high quality features, it is a great skateboard that offers the best skating experience. Make your order today and you will find it really fantastic for your entire family.

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